Only Nine Days To Go!

Thanks! We’ve received almost all the responses just in time to make the final payments! There are still some outstanding Reno ones out there!!

We getting more check marks put into the done boxes! I thought I would have the programs done by now, but they aren’t started yet. Ron’s budget sheets are all updated though. 🙂

I’ve updated the LA Guest Info, Aquarium and Sail Boat blogs.

We’ll get there … eventually!

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One of Our Favorites

A fun, live version of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

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Countdown Has Started!!

Whoa! IT IS LESS THAN A MONTH!! …and so many cards haven’t come back!! PLEASE return your cards! We need to make final payments!! Thanks!!

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Long Beach Aquarium Behind-the-Scenes Tour

We are ready for our 11 am tour on Saturday morning (10/9/10) arranged with Theresa Duncan (no relation but a friend who will be at the reception!) of the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific for a behind-the-scenes look at the aquarium.

Already in line for the bus:
1) Brenna Jo Hobbs
2) Cyndi Johnson (and Baby Abby)
3) Aron Johnson
4) Bella Johnson
5) Austin Johnson
6) Jan Molvar
7) Marline Underwood
8) Jerry Darnell
9) Jill Darnell
10) Sally Parker
11) Ron Duncan
12) Susan Winter
…and 13) Jon Schmidt, 14) Cindy Schmidt and 15) Adrianne DuMond will meet us there at 10:55 outside the Members Entrance!

The Doubletree Hotel Shuttle bus will drive the hotel guests over and back. Please be outside the hotel main entrance in time to leave promptly at 10:15 am. We will leave the aquarium (at our drop-off point) at 1:30 pm to arrive at the Doubletree for a quick nap before getting ready for the Sailboat Cruise! 🙂

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Two Months To Go…..

… But who is counting! Cake is ordered for LA…. Last bridesmaid dress is ordered…. flowers are coming along….invitations are getting done…… more exercise is happening… music is getting picked out, marriage license, oh, yeah….. We are getting there! 🙂

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Saturday Evening Margaritaville Mexican Fiesta on a Three Mast Sailboat



We have a Margaritaville Mexican Fiesta Sunset 90′ 3 Mast Sailboat Trip planned for our bridal party and out-of-town guests for Saturday, October 9, from 5 – 7:30 PM. List of attendees is at the end of this main message.

Bring a light jacket or sweater as it can get chilly on the water even if the air is warm.

Here is a map for those driving to San Pedro Ports O’ Call Village:,+San+Pedro+CA+90731&sll=33.760128,-118.189271&sspn=0.003055,0.005686&ie=UTF8&g=Berth+77,+San+Pedro+CA+90731&source=embed&hq=&hnear=Berth,+San+Pedro,+Los+Angeles,+California+90731&view=map

Ports O’ Call is in San Pedro and is easy to find. Take any freeway that connects
to the Harbor Freeway (110) South to San Pedro. As you reach the San
Pedro exits, move to the third lane from the left. Exit at Harbor Blvd., which is the
exit following Channel St./Pacific Av., and prior to Gaffey. Merge to the right
towards Harbor Blvd. Turn right on Harbor Blvd. and drive South four signals
to turn left on 6th Street. Flow to the right and follow entry signs into the Ports
O’ Call parking lot which is on the left. Drive about halfway down the parking and
park in Berth 77 (near Dreyer’s Ice Cream). Spirit Cruises is located on the water’s
edge just north of the Ports O’ Call Restaurant.

We have arranged a shuttle between the Doubletree Hotel and the Ship Berth 77. Meet outside the lobby entrance by 4:15 pm. The shuttle will leave the Doubletree promptly at 4:20 pm! The shuttle is scheduled to leave Berth 77 at 7:45 pm to arrive back at the Doubletree by 8:00 pm.

Head Count
Susan Winter
Ron Duncan
Cyndi Johnson (and Baby Abby)
Aron Johnson
Bella Johnson
Austi Johnson
Barry Russ
Kay Russ
Jon Schmidt
Cindy Schmidt
Cliff Blinman
Sue Blinman
Dean Parker
Mitch Barber
Itja Barber
Leilani Wai
Teresa Wai
Carole Hale
Dave Hale
John Lafreniere
Margie Lafreniere
Pete Karanikas
Helen Giforos
Marline Underwood
Jan Molvar
Adrianne Du Mond
Brenna Jo Hobbs
Paul Henrikson
Irene Henrikson
Walter Marciniak
Michele Marciniak
Jeff Horne
Valerie Horne
Pam Reed
Heywood Sobel
Janice Sobel
Brian House
Kenan House
Sally Parker
Jerry Darnell
Jill Darnell
Susan Roberge
John Logan
Triana Logan
Marti Logan
Salvador Farfan
Lana Farfan
Benjamin Farfan
Sofia Farfan

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LA Guest Info – We do have Hotel and Limobus Arrangements

In LA – we do have a block of rooms reserved at the Doubletree Hotel (See link on the right) in San Pedro — that will be our home base for all the activities. We are staying there, too.

If you are just doing our wedding activities, you will not need to rent a car. There are commercial shuttles to/from the (LAX and Long Beach are the closest) airports. We have arranged limobus-shuttles from the hotel to the Saturday night boat trip and back, from the hotel to the chapel, from the chapel to the reception and from the reception to the hotel (constantly, as needed).

Please leave a comment here if you want to use the wedding day shuttle service, so we can notify you of the timing arrangements. If you want to park your car at the Hotel and then use the shuttle, do so! Tell us which legs of the journey you want to use: Hotel/Boat/Hotel, Hotel/Chapel, Chapel/Reception, Hotel/Reception, Reception/Hotel.

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Now It’s 3 Months To Go!

It’s getting closer! Last weekend we did a wedding cake tasting…I worked with Margaret to design the bridal jewelry… I found our cake topper and an appropriate egg timer for timing toasts and whatever on line… I worked on the addresses for the invitations… We practiced dancing… I wore my shoes to dinner (to break them in) with Pete and Helena… and a whole lot more…

Also got a block of rooms at the Peppermill for the folks who are spending the weekend in Reno for our reception there. Check out the info on the reservation page.

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Four Months to Go!

Only 4 months to go before we actually marry – after a wonderful soul-mate journey lasting more than 13 years already! Woo! Hoo! What a celebration it will be!

The photo at the top is one from our Engagement Shoot with Caught in the Moment – pretty awesome, huh! You can see more at their link on the right. Here is a link right to our photos!

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